15 tips for all couples planning their wedding

15 Tips for All Couples Planning Their Wedding

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You can find most people complaining that planning a wedding can be difficult and time-consuming. That’s because they don’t know how to make the process easier. Wedding plans don’t need to be stressful. If done correctly, it can be a lot of fun. So here are some of the steps, which can help you to enjoy your wedding and make it unique.

1. Start to make plans earlier

You must start making plans for your wedding early on to budget for everything that you need to do. It does not mean that you have to start planning two years before the wedding date, but budgeting for events and chores will help you reduce the stress of planning the wedding, and you can review all the factors to make a perfect plan.

2. Set a realistic budget

With the help of your partner, you can start to discuss the budget for the wedding. Budget discussions can help you can set a realistic to identify the funds required for each activity. Most weddings these days are in the $35,000 range. Planning where to spend can help prevent unnecessary and last-minute costs.

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3. Get more help for planning

Always get the advice of your friends or family members for the preparation of your wedding. You might not realize this, but there are people close to you who would want to help you. Taking their help might ease the burden of planning. This way, you can split the work and make it more fun.

Alternatively, hire a professional planner. Check out Sip & Twirl!

4. Selecting a perfect guest list

Inviting people that you don’t talk to might not seem like a good idea. You need to sit down with your partner and make a list of all the people who are important and who you want to invite.

5. Find a perfect venue

The most important thing is to secure the wedding venue contract. Having a contract can book your venue in advance so that you get the one you love. Because of the high demand for locations, you have to book a wedding venue long before the actual wedding date. Your budget and your invitee list can help in deciding the venue for the wedding.

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6. Preparing a backup plan

There might be a lot of things which can cause problems on your wedding day. Some natural factors are outside your control, like weather. That is why you should always be ready with the backup plan to ensure your wedding goes on without a hitch.

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7. Picking the best bridesmaid

Sometimes choosing a bridesmaid might seem like an easy job, but in reality, it can have a lot of impact on your wedding planning. A bridesmaid will handle specific wedding tasks. So it would help if you found someone who can you can trust with planning these little details to ensure that everything is perfect in your wedding.

8. Finding a good photographer

You also need to find the best photographer and have a photography contract for your wedding so that your favorite photographer can capture the amazing moments of your wedding. You must book a photographer in advance so that you do not face any last-minute issues.

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9. Please don’t overdo it

Doing a lot of things can make the wedding preparations messy and clumsy. Keep all your plans and ideas simple, so that the execution becomes straightforward. If your wedding has tons of moving parts, consider hiring a professional planner.

10. Focus on selecting the right menu

Taste every food that you will serve at your wedding. Talk to the caterer and ask for his opinion. Find the right caterer can contribute to a fantastic experience as well. Most venues have preferred caterers to recommend.

11. Avoid using too much makeup

Looks are important. The right amount of makeup is make-or-break for the event. Finding a good stylist can help you with looking as good as you want to for the wedding.

12. Dividing responsibility with your partner

Delegate your responsibilities. Make sure you involve your partner also in your decision-making. This will not only reduce the burden but offer a fresh perspective in the planning process. Remember that both partners are equally invested in the wedding. The task most commonly delegated to the groom is finding the wedding officiant.

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13. Try to add some personal touches

You don’t have to follow a script. Add a personal touch to it. Let the wedding invitees know who you are, and what this event means to you. Tweak some things so that your wedding will be a memorable one for everyone present.

A personalized ceremony is a great way to do it. Check out audio samples here!

Personalized wedding favors are another great way. Check out MyWeddingFavors!

14. Prepare a proper list of all the things

There are a lot of things that you need to do before the wedding day. Prepare a list and check it off one at a time. You won’t get flustered if you do things one at a time, and you can ensure you do things efficiently.

15. Never forget about the most important thing

Planning is stressful; yes. But it would help if you remembered that this is your best day. If you can’t relax, you won’t be able to enjoy it. You’ll forever be thinking about things you might have forgotten. Relax and step back. This will improve your efficiency as well.

If you have all your arrangements in writing with the vendors, such as with Wedding Contracts, it will help you in executing this event peacefully. Ensure you check everything before booking them. Visit the venue and ask for its details. Taste the food, and ask about bulk booking. Visit the florist and ask about their logistics. Don’t forget that you’re in charge and you get to decide how you want the wedding day to go on.

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15 tips for all couples planning their wedding

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