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Click here to listen to ceremony audio.

“How long are your ceremonies?” Usually between 20 and 25 minutes, depending on the length of your readings and the other moving parts.  Your ceremony might be longer or shorter.  That’s up to you.

“Will you file our marriage license for us?” Absolutely. I’ll take the copy from your wedding so you can go celebrate and not worry about it. However, you and your fiance must go together down to the county recorder’s office to pay for and receive your license before your wedding. The Maricopa County recorder’s office and Maricopa County marriage license info is here. If your license was issued from a different county, don’t stress. I’m able to sign any Arizona marriage license.

“Can we write our own vows?” Absolutely. The ceremony is about you! If that’s not your style, I have three pages of vows to choose from. Don’t worry about memorizing your vows, just repeat after me.

“Will we need a rehearsal?” Your site coordinator generally takes care of that, but I’m happy to help for an extra $95.

“Can we include imagery, like a sand ceremony or wine box?” Of course. It’s your wedding. We can do whatever you like and I have lots of options to share with you.

“What do you wear?” Dark suits in the fall and possibly lighter colors in the spring or summer, unless you tell me otherwise. I will do my best to match your bridal party’s colors with my tie. Click here to see video.

“Do you supply a sound system or microphone?” I do not. That is provided by your DJ or the venue. Please tell your DJ that I prefer a hand-held microphone. The lapel mics that clip onto ties or jackets are notoriously unreliable.

“Will you stay for the reception or attend our rehearsal dinner?”  No thank you. I’ll leave after your ceremony or rehearsal.

“Do you offer premarital counseling?” Yes, and I require it if you’re under 23 years old. I currently charge $500, administered by We would generally meet three times, for two hours each session. Completing a premarital workshop is required if you are applying for a covenant marriage license.

“What’s a covenant marriage license?” Couples who sign a covenant license can only divorce for several specific reasons and only after completing additional, professional counseling. Additional counseling is required before any legal separation is granted by the state of Arizona.

“What should we do to prepare for our meeting?” Write down any questions that come up and do not be embarrassed to ask!

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