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The Best Wedding Planners in Phoenix: Sip and Twirl

The Best Wedding Planners in Phoenix: Sip and Twirl

modern wedding unique wedding ceremony, unique weddings personalized wedding ceremony, personalized wedding nondenominational wedding, nonreligious wedding, nonreligious wedding ceremony, wedding planner arizona, phoenix wedding plannerThere are lots of wedding planners here in the Phoenix area, but they’re not all the same. Just like with any vocation, you get the good and the bad.

One of my favorite wedding planners to work with is Laurie Cohen, from Sip and Twirl. Laurie and her staff seem to have as much fun as the wedding guests and very few wedding coordinators are like that. It takes a certain personality to manage multiple moving parts to make sure that an event goes great, and oftentimes those personalities are business only. My experience is that vendors who bring elevated energy to the event, elevate those around them. She’ll make sure I have what I need so that I can knock the ceremony out of the park!

Her team is able to smile and laugh with the couple, the bridal party, and guests while still getting the job done effectively. Laurie is super-likable and down to earth, and her clients will tell you the same thing. I remember thinking to myself after meeting her for the first time, “Wow, I could hang out with her!”

That was back in 2009 or 2010 and she has since become one of my all-time favorite wedding professionals to work with. I light up with a smile every time I see her and her team because I know everyone is going to enjoy themselves and that the event is going to be great.

The best wedding planners in Pheonix are professionals who help the other wedding vendors hired by the couple. We’re all teammates and Laurie knows that.

Many wedding coordinators are one-woman shows and I often see how one person isn’t able to effectively get everything done for the couple at the wedding. Based on my experience, weddings have so many moving parts that one person can’t always manage it well. Laurie has a team and they’re some of the best.

We are blessed in the Phoenix area because we’re a destination for cold-weather residents. many folks come here to escape the snow and get married. Lori has set up a specific website to help couples who are planning elopements and destination weddings. You can check it out at She has made it easy to plan weddings from out of town, too.

Not only does Sip and Twirl have a great reputation here in town, but Laurie also spends her summers coordinating weddings in Hawaii! She’s smart and leaves the blazing oven known as Phoenix, every summer! Lots of local photographers escape the heat too and spend their summers shooting weddings in San Diego. I wish I could leave town and officiate elsewhere in the summer, but my wife has an office job and that prevents us from leaving town.

If you know anyone getting married in Hawaii, do them a favor and send them her website link.

If you’re looking for the best wedding planners in Phoenix, consider my friend, Laurie Cohen and Sip and Twirl. Connect with her on Facebook here. ¬†You won’t regret it. She’s one of the best!

The Best Wedding Planners in Phoenix: Sip and Twirl

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